Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to quilt to join or come to the meetings?

Absolutely not! It is not a requirement that you know how to quilt or even sew to be a part of this community. You can be a member or visit us purely because you love to look at the quilts and designs.

However, we do ask that if you plan to attend more than 1 or 2 meetings that you pay the yearly dues which entitles you to a lot of benefits throughout the year.

Can I pay my yearly dues on online?

Of course! Here is the link to the online dues page:

We also take cash, check or card at the meetings. **There is a $2 surcharge for using a card or paying online**

Are the meetings and events mandatory?

No. We understand that life happens. Come to as many or as few meetings/events that your life allows. We love seeing you when you can make it!

Do your guild offer any type of swag?

Yes! We just opened a swag shop that includes mugs, shirts, and more!

The link is:

Did you know...?

Amazon and Kroger donate a portion of your money from your purchases to our guild? All you have to do is link your Amazon account and/or Kroger Plus card to our guild and they donate a small amount to us every year! It is a great passive way for us to make money for something we all do regularly!

If you have questions about setting this up, please email