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Are You Ready To Shop?!

The 2020 Summer Shop Hop has officially started!

You may be asking yourself what the Summer Shop Hop is and how to participate. Well you are in luck!

The Summer Shop Hop is a great way to get to know the local shop owners in the Memphis Area encouraging the quilters to shop locally. We create a passport for the participants to use and document their travels around to the different shops. This year is a little different as many of the participating shops are doing more online or by appointment only sales. Never fear though the experience is the same. Below is a very thorough explanation of how this summery pastime works. If you have signed up for the birthday box this is a wonderful way to get all those fat quarters!

Summer Shop Hop 2020

Sponsored by the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild


The Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild (MAMQG) wants to encourage members of the Memphis sewing community to support our local quilt shops by shopping locally this summer. We also want to increase our guild's visibility among local quilters.


Everyone is invited to participate. Local quilt guilds will receive information about the Shop Hop..


The Shop Hop will begin June 21st. Prizes will be awarded at our August 9th meeting. Please do not stamp passports before June 21.


Participants will have a passport that the local shops will stamp. The passports will be available on the MAMQG Facebook page, newsletter and website. Information and passports will be sent to local quilt guilds to encourage their members to participate. Shops are welcome to print/copy additional passports.

The MAMQG provided each shop with a unique stamp and colored stamp pad last summer. If your shop needs a new stamp, please contact Meghan Murphree at memphismqg@gmail.com

Shops will not stamp passports for anyone who is not present in the shop. A minimum purchase (at least a fat quarter) is required. Hoppers are welcome to attach an order confirmation from an online purchase at your shop to their passport in lieu of a stamp.

Promoting the Shop Hop

Information about each shop (location, contact info, hours) will be included on the passport, on Facebook, and in the guild newsletter and website.

The MAMQG will promote each shop on Facebook and Instagram during June and July. Shoppers will be encouraged to post photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #MAMQGSummerShopHop.

The MAMQG will provide a flyer that shops can display in their shops.

Shop Donations and Participation

Each shop is asked to donate a goodie bag for our gift drawing on August 9th (modern fabric bundles or precuts, thread, notions, a gift card, etc.) This will be picked up by a MAMQG board member during the Shop Hop (we’ll contact you in advance.)

Each shop is also encouraged to offer an in-store drawing, discount, or other incentive for shoppers. The donations and in-store incentives will also be included in our promotions. Please include your in-store incentive information on your registration so it can be included on the passport.

Group Shopping Trips

We are not planning any organized group shopping trips, but we encourage participants to arrange informal meet-ups to shop and socialize. We will advise members to notify the shops in advance if they have more than a carload of shoppers at one time.

If you have specific days that you’d prefer us to shop (or days you already have events at your shop that you’d like us to avoid,) please include that information in your registration form.


Grand Prize: a $100 gift certificate to the local quilt shop of the winner’s choice. Any shopper who visits all participating shops will be eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Gift drawings: Participants are eligible to win the donations from local quilt shops.

Favorite Quilt Shop: Participants will indicate their favorite shop on their passport. We will draw for a $25 gift certificate to the winning shop.

All participants are eligible for prizes.

Current members of the MAMQG can send their passport to the president by mail, email, or with a friend If they are unable to attend the August meeting.

Anyone who is not a member of the MAMQG must be present to win.

If you have any questions please reach out to the MAMQG at memphismqg@gmail.com

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